Tom Waits meets The Glitch Mob… soulful… colourful… thought provoking.
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Having fun with this beast at Spoonbill HQ. Funny wonky squishy sonic glorysauce!

#Virus #Sounddesign #Production #Crankin #Goodcleanwinterfun

Mal and Ky (of Formidable Veg) doin' their thang plus the amazing Sian Evans! ...

Sian Evans "Take Me Home" tour w/ Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

August 2, 2015, 6:00pm

nearing the end of the National "Take me Home" Tour that has seen Sian from Cairns, to Perth, Sydney, she now hits Melbourne to bring the latest single and clip "take me home" along withe her EP "how time has treated thee" a homage to trad folk music, to Victorian audiences. Accompanied by Fellow Fiddle friend Kylie Morrigan (Mal Webb, Formidable vegetable sound system) and Mal Webb bringing his super galactic beat box sound system canon harmony crazy fun show of his own, the 3 will provide an intriguing, funny and highly entertaining show at Bar 303 this Sunday from 6.30 pm. On a side note, if you can't make the Sunday Supremacy, you can catch me at the drunken poet on Thursday July 30 with my old mate Dean Schilz for a bit more train to blues town xo

Charlie & Jim smash up a food-forest fence! See the rest on Snapchat: formidableveg ...


Kids Permaculture Funk-Electroswing Album!

Well, as if life couldn’t get any more exciting, we’ve just embarked on a mission to produce the RADDEST KIDS’ PERMACULTURE ALBUM EVER MADE! Have a gander and lettuce know what…

The Edge (Spoonbill Remix) – New Track and Video Clip

The time has come for us to unleash the stompworthy sounds of our latest remix single of “The Edge”, masterfully sliced, diced and phattenated by Melbourne’s finest electro-wonkstep producer, Spoonbill….

New “Limits” animation for World Environment Day

We’re stoked to present the latest video clip to our song “Limits”, lovingly animated by the talented Oz Thomas for a special launch on World Environment Day (June 5th). Please it…

Spoonbill Remix out June 12

In the lead-up to the launch of our long-awaited remix album, we’ll be releasing Spoonbill’s stompin’ remix of The Edge on June 12! This is a track of next-level electro-vegetation, so…

Totes Awesome Best Permaculture Snapchat Stories Ever

Wanna learn awesome stuff about growing food, electroswing ukulele and climate change from the comfort of your own dumb-phone? Over the past few weeks, formidableveg (as we are now commonly known in…

Far North Queensland Tour May-June

Formidable Vegetable Sound System will be touring beautiful tropical Far North Queensland for the next month and a half. Whether you’re a local, or thinking of heading up to escape the…

Boomtown Fair 2015 with Caravan Palace

We’re super excited to announce that as a part of our upcoming European tour, we’ll be playing at the UK’s maddest festival – Boomtown Fair from August 13th-16th alongside John…

Introducing: Our newest member

Meet out latest band member – this beautiful Tasmanian Blackwood & Mulga soprano ukulele made by Paul Henneberry of The Jarrahdale String Instrument Company. She hasn’t got a name yet…

Permaculture Voices 2015 – San Diego

From mycelium and soil to radical community dynamics, PV2 in sunny southern Californ-I.A. was a jam packed extendo-weekend of mindblowing presentations from some of the most innovative and hope-inspiring thinkers and…

Rocket Mass Heaters

Can’t wait to sink our paws into building one of these! Click on the card to check out the video (with a sneak peak of a brand new Formidable Veg…

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