2017 World Tour: USA-UK-EU Grow Do It Launch

From May to July, we’re off on our fourth (or is it fifth?) World Tour, launching our new album, Grow Do It – which is taking us from beaches of The Kingdom of Hawai’i to the glacial mountains of Iceland (including a bonus solo stint with Charlie Mgee in the Autonomous States of America!) not to mention our third appearance back at the world-famous, Glastonbury Festival in the UK (alongside Radiohead!)



In the UK, we’ll be joined by the ineffable Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan and on top of Glastonbury, we’ll be playing at some other fantastic festivals such as the Green Festivals in the US, Seed Festival in Stroud, Free Harmony Festival in Bristol, Compost Festival in Malta and the Nordic Permaculture Festival in Iceland, so do check them out and grab your tickets before they sell out!

On top of that, we’ll be playing at a stack of venues (listed here on our gigs page) so do tell your mates, invite your mum, bring some veggies to munch on and we’ll hopefully see you soon!

(It’s the last time Formidable Veg will be touring for the foreseeable future, as Charlie is going back to uni to study teaching, so do make sure to come and say hi!)