Band members


  • Ukulele, vocals, production

Growing up in a tin shed with a veggie garden, a composting toilet and one solar panel for power in the south-west of Western Australia, Charlie lived the low-impact lifestyle from a young age and realised early on that you don’t need a lot to be happy in life.

In 2011, Charlie went off the study the regenerative design process of permaculture at Djanbung Gardens in Nimbin, NSW and soon after, formed Formidable Vegetable Sound System – a new kind of band based entirely around principles of sustainable living with the hope of inspiring people everywhere to grow their own food, raise chickens and generally make the world a better place.

Over the last couple of years, Charlie and Formidable Vegetable Sound System have performed at many Australian and international festivals, including Glastonbury (UK), Secret Garden Party (UK), BOOM (Portugal), Shambhala (Canada), Symbiosis (USA), Woodford (QLD), Fairbridge (WA), Nannup (WA), Eclipse 2012 (QLD) and Rainbow Serpent (VIC) to delightfully packed dancefloors and venues.

He has made guest appearances in and played alongside various well-known acts including The Cat Empire, Blue King Brown, Bomba, Fat Freddy’s Drop, The Rap News, Thom Yorke and The Rolling Stones (actually!)

When he’s not going nuts on stage singing about growing food, Charlie is either busy planning the next tour, fermenting some kind of cabbage or out in a garden somewhere trying to keep it real to the principles of permaculture.


matt webbMAL WEBB

  • Slide trumpet, trombone, vocals, interpretive dance.

Mal Webb is a well-known vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentist and looping, beatboxing songwriter who has been a legendary fixture on the international festival circuit for over a decade and has recently joined forces with Formidable Vegetable Sound System as a player of horns and flailer of limbs with his impressive displays of interpretive dance.

Using all sorts of vocal techniques, guitar, mbira, slide trumpet, trombone, chromatic harmonica and a loop recording pedal called Derek, Mal regularly whisks crowds away on a lip to lung journey through the physics, physiology and phrivolity of all the sounds a face can make. Sideways yodelling, beatbox, harmonics, throat singing, uvular fluttering, advanced clapping. He’s like Bobby McFerrin, Aphex Twin and Cole Porter playing scrabble.

He has been described by a gob-smacked Ani DiFranco as “…a freak!”

A founding member of the Oxo Cubans, Sock and Totally Gourdgeous, Mal did all the music for the Lano and Woodley TV show and Wogs Out of Work, played mbira and sang “Eagle Rock” with Ross Wilson as well as “Cows With Guns” with Dana Lyons and has done a few spots on Spicks and Specks (ABC TV).



  • Violin, vocals

Kylie Morrigan started playing violin at the age of 8 and went on to study at the Victorian College of the Arts secondary and tertiary schools. After completing her studies she obtained a position in Orchestra Victoria and happily played for the Opera and Ballet for 5 years until leaving the music world to raise/homeschool/wrangle her 4 sons.  While in the process of training to be a massage therapist, she rediscovered her love of the violin, and is now enjoying exploring the many other musical genres outside of the classical world. She is relishing the opportunity to play with a number of artists, such as Mal Webb, Simon Kerr, and Formidable Vegetable Sound System spreading the good word about all things permaculture.