Lyrics & Chords

A lot of people have been asking me for the lyrics and chords to the permaculture songs for purposes of teaching, learning ukulele and various other stuff, so here they are in lovely, shiny, printable PDF form for you to download and distribute freely among your uke-playing permie friends! If you need help learning them, you can always watch the crusty old YouTube videos to get an idea of how they’re played.

Click to download PDFs



Look Around (Principle 1: Observe & Interact)






Energy (Principle 2: Catch & Store Energy)






Yield (Principle 3: Obtain a Yield)






Limits (Principle 4: Apply Self-regulation & accept Feedback)






Oil (Principle 5: Use & value Renewable resources & services)






No Such Thing as Waste (Principle 6: Produce no Waste)






Patterns (Principle 7: Design from Patterns to Details)






Get Together (Principle 8: Integrate rather than Segregate)






Small & Slow (Principle 9: Use Small & Slow solutions)






Many Many (Principle 10: Use & Value Diversity)






The Edge (Principle 11: Use Edges and value the Marginal)






Change (Principle 12: Creatively use and respond to Change)