New Single ‘Dad’s Dunny’ out on Valentine’s Day

Here’s something different! Our new song ‘Dad’s Dunny’ dedicated to composting toilets and humanure (‘dunny‘ means toilet to those not familiar with Aussie-slang). It’s out on Bandcamp this Feb 14. In the meantime, check out the heaps-fun music video we made with Karl Wilson while we were in Tassie this summer (made possible by all of our wonderful patrons on Patreon)!


Dad’s Dunny is a brave, yet lighthearted jaunt into the world of backyard composting toilets. In a time where water scarcity is such a huge issue we believe that flushing clean drinking water down the toilet is one of the dumbest things you can do.  Composting our own ‘humanure’ not only offers a solution to the water crisis, but also provides valuable nutrients to our gardens if done safely. Download it for just $1 this Valentines Day – for the love of POO!