Tribute to Bill Mollison (1928-2016) – Father of Permaculture

Bill Mollison, co-founder and ‘father’ of permaculture died peacefully in Tasmania on the 24th of September. A few weeks before he died, his daughter Frances got in touch and said that he’d been listening to Formidable Vegetable Sound System and enjoyed it thoroughly. Since he was a fan of my music in his last weeks, I thought his passing deserved a special tribute. Most of the lyrics are Bill’s own quotes – being, in my opinion one of the most quotable humans to have lived. The title of the song came from a scene in the TV series, Global Gardener, where Bill was talking about the roots of a certain species of tree being able to catch and eat nematodes in the soil, at which point he turned the the camera and said with a grin, “They’ll eat you in the end”.

Share and enjoy.

Love, Charlie.