What is Permaculture?


What is permaculture? Good question! Thanks for asking!

Permaculture is an ecological design process based around the laws of nature. It is a way for us to design regenerative, abundant and sustainable lives for ourselves, others and the surrounding environment by reconnecting with our food, families, front yards, farms and forests in a way that not only benefits us, but the planet as well.

Permaculture Ethics

Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share

Permaculture is based around the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share– which basically means being aware of our limited resources and using only what we really need whilst distributing the rest fairly amongst those around us (not just people, but plants, animals, soil microbes, waterways…etc.) in order to keep a healthy ecological system functioning.

From the ethics of permaculture come a set of principles (around which the songs from our album: Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual are based), which are helpful guidelines to follow, not only while gardening, but in pretty much any situation!

A common misconception is that permaculture is just about gardening, however it is really a much broader, “whole-systems” framework for sustainable – or rather, regenerative design that can be applied in just about any context.

In many ways, Permaculture is not a new idea, but rather draws on the knowledge of many traditional cultures all over the world that managed to sustain themselves for thousands of years without destroying the environment around them.

At this critical point in time, where climate, resources and economic/financial systems around the world are reaching the point of collapse and chaos, permaculture is one of the most important things we can be doing towards maintaining our planet’s life support systems and ensuring the survival of our species (as well as many others).

Holmgren Principles & Pathways


More information on the permaculture ethics and principles can be found at: permacultureprinciples.com and in David Holmgren’s book: Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability.

To get involved, do a search for permaculture groups near you or check out our Links page for more permaculture goodies!

And don’t forget to have a listen to the songs!